PicTuc Televisions is an established Television brand from Jaipur, INDIA, which was started with the vision of building high-tech products for the burgeoning urban youth.
The development of PicTuc’s Television products was inspired by the human factors approach of New Product Development. Each television produced by PicTuc’s factories worldwide is built from the highest A+ grade panels and Samsung Panels, with the fastest processors, Quality grade materials and energy efficient power solutions. PicTuc works closely with consumers to understand their entertainment preferences and content choices to develop user-friendly interfaces for their interaction with the TV.

All PicTuc Televisions are designed to operate for over 999,99 hours in normal circumstances and provide the best picture quality even in brightly-lit environments. PicTuc’s have pioneered in television technology with the Iconic range, Pictuc Floral, Pictuc Desire, Pictuc Delight, Pictuc Experience for Home, Office  and more.
The consumer experience of a PicTuc TV extends to world-class and personalized customer relations after purchase.